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Project MORE continues to help students with literacy throughout the PCSD

Student reading in classroom October 28, 2019


by Natalie Chmura, 12th grade, Normandy High School


Entering the 2019-2020 school year, the Parma City School District continues Project MORE, and continues to make a large impact for students struggling with reading.

Project MORE, or Mentoring in Ohio for Reading Excellence, was established in 1999 and provides  students with a disability or those “not-on-track” with extra reading and instructional time.

This program has helped to close the gap at more than 300 different schools across Ohio. Much of this program is maintained and operated through the help of volunteers, making it a cost efficient and positive community building solution.

The PCSD has been able to implement this program at many elementary schools with success. There has been a marked increase in the reading level and proficiency of students enrolled in the MORE program. 

“It is really about being able to help all of the students whenever further assistance is needed, and further close the educational gap,” Mikael Price, Administrative Specialist for Community and Family Connections explained.” Price is currently in his first coordinating Project MORE, succeeding Kira Karabanovs.

Much of MORE’s success comes from many volunteer hours. Volunteers include local former teachers and tutors, as well as current students in the PCSD who have been happy to spend their time and help make a difference in a child’s life. 

“The volunteers are usually people from within the Parma City School District,” Price said. “We have students that do it, but all we have people who have tutored in the past as well.”

These tutors usually sit with a child for several half-hour sessions during the week, going over books and reading exercises designed to help improve proficiency. The scores of the week are recorded and graphed, so the kids themselves can see the results of their hard work.

“It has helped me to be a part of an impactful community service project where I can see the direct results,” explained Tori Visconti, a senior at Normandy High School and volunteer for Project MORE. “It was also great to see them so excited about learning, and their self confidence boost with their improvement.”

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PHOTO CAPTION: Attaining reading skills at an early age is an important part of a child’s educational journey.  Volunteers from Project MORE, a statewide initiative, has helped students gain these critical skills since 1999.