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Information About Midterms

We have received several questions about midterm exams this year. We provide midterm grades because our grading scales are built upon having four quarters and two exams for year-long courses and we feel it is most fair to honor this provision of six possible grades as students work to maximize their GPAs. However, we also recognize that we are in a very unusual era and will build assessments that reflect the challenges we have faced this year. Please see the following information:

  • We will follow the normal bell schedule on January 12, 13, 14, in either distance or hybrid format.  
  • Teachers have 90 minutes over the course of 3 days to administer their midterm.  
  • If we are in remote instructional mode, midterms are remote.
  • In previous years, we had common assessments districtwide.  This year, the midterms/finals are developed by Teacher-Based-Teams or individual teachers based on priority standards and skills that they have taught.  
  • Midterms can be a performance-based assessment measuring mastery of standards.  
  • LESS is MORE!  Our teachers will consider we are in a pandemic, and it is OK if assessments are shorter this school year.  We will not be able to cover our entire curriculum this year, and it is OK! 
  • Teachers have the ability to average quarter grades and provide the average as the midterm grade, but must provide an exam or assessment to students in danger of failing the course for the year.  

If you have individual questions about your child's midterms, please contact the appropriate teacher and/or their Principal.