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Student Report Card Access

June 24, 2020
All report cards are online in Home Access Center (HAC). Here is the direct link for more information:
  • All 3rd quarter and 4th quarter grades of the 2019-2020 school year will be available only in HAC.
  • Moving forward into the next school year, all report cards, elementary and secondary, will only be available in HAC. Elementary report cards will not be sent home by mail.  


Parma City School District is pleased to offer parents and secondary students the opportunity to access student information online through Home Access Center or from your mobile device. Teachers use the Grade Book that links to our student software and allows all student-related information to be accessible from a single website. Home Access Center allows users to:

1. View student schedules, class assignments, attendance, discipline, grades and demographic information.

2. Correspond with teachers by emailing from the teacher name link or by copying and pasting the teacher's email address into your own email account.

3. View demographic information (phone, address, etc.) and advise the school office of any changes.

There are two ways to access student information:

1. Type the following address in the address line of your browser:

2. Download the eSchoolPlus Family app that links to Home Access Center and allows you to obtain information right from your mobile phone. The eSchoolPlus Family App is available for iPhone*, iPad*, or iPod touch*, for Android™ devices, and for Kindle™. For additional information visit the For Parents section at

3. Enter your user name/password. Guardians are able to reset their password. After entering the site, change your password to one of your own choosing by clicking on My Account which is located at the top, far right of the screen next to Logoff, by placing your cursor over your name. Click on My Account. In the Old Password box, type the password shown on this letter. In the New Password box, type in a new password, then type again to confirm. Click Change Password. The password must be at least 8 characters, and it should be a combination of letters and numbers that you will remember.

4. Select Registration from the menu. Click Edit at the right to add or change your email address. The other fields are locked; please contact the school office to change the locked field items.

To view Report Cards

1. From the home screen in HAC, click GRADES. Here you will see the most recent report card. You can print the report card by clicking PRINT in the upper right-hand corner. This will generate a full report card. 

If you need assistance with HAC please e-mail
Thank you!