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STEM 5 Learns about Space with NASA Astronaut Visit

February 1, 2023
Astronaut Visit
Astronaut Good Mesmerizes STEM 5 Learners by the Possibilities of Space
By: Sara Good, Greenbriar Middle School STEM 5 Coach
On Friday, January 27, Michael T. Good, retired NASA astronaut, engineer, and colonel in the Air Force spoke to Greenbriar's STEM 5 learners about what it is like to explore space. Good repaired the Hubble telescope in 2009 and added to the International Space Station in 2010 aboard the space shuttle Atlantis. 
The fifth-grade STEM engineers came ready with questions for him, from becoming an astronaut and preparing for space flight to navigating challenging spacewalk missions.  He inspired the students with pictures from space and the science behind space travel.  He encouraged them to pursue their dreams, even mentioning that NASA needs more than just engineers to make their programs a success.
STEM 5 will use their new knowledge to design immersive spacewalks for the community and Greenbriar students as part of their capstone project.