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11 PCSD schools received silver or bronze PBIS awards in 2020

December 9, 2020

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, or PBIS, programs throughout the Parma City School District have received recognition from the State of Ohio in 2020!

In total, 11 school buildings received either the silver or bronze recognition from the Ohio PBIS Network and the Ohio Department of Education.

John Muir Elementary School, Parma Senior High School and Thoreau Park Elementary School earned the silver award for best practices in Tier I and Tier II PBIS programs.

Dentzler Elementary School, Green Valley Elementary School, Greenbriar Middle School, Hillside Middle School, Normandy High School, Pleasant Valley Elementary School, Renwood Elementary School and Valley Forge High School earned the bronze award for their Tier I PBIS programs. 

Tier I PBIS supports are school-wide programs that create a positive school environment with clear expectations for behaviors in the classroom and throughout the school. Tier II are additional and individualized supports and interventions for students that go beyond the school-wide programs.

“We recognize the importance of supporting students emotionally, socially and with displaying positive behaviors,” expressed Karl Schneider, principal at John Muir. “Our work with PBIS has focused on behavioral, social and emotional support, so we are glad to continue to make progress in these areas and receive some formal recognition of these efforts. Most importantly, we will simply continue to improve and refine these efforts to positively impact more students.”

John Muir has implemented programs like ‘Viking of the Week’, in which teachers nominate students for demonstrating respectful, responsible and ready to learn behavior, as well as ‘Viking Connections’ in which students are paired with a staff member for weekly meetings and monthly group activities.

“Our work with PBIS helps us support students, and improved behavior and more positive interactions with their peers will place students in a better position to be successful academically,” he added. “We find that our PBIS programming helps us to pinpoint and reach the students who need extra support. It also teaches problem-solving skills and self-regulation skills that we hope will stay with students.”

At Green Valley, having PBIS programs in place has helped make clear expectations for the students in the building. It has also clarified the expectations for staff so that every adult in the building has the same expectations for students.

“As a school, we are honored to receive recognition for all of the hard work that our staff, students, PBIS team and community have contributed to make Green Valley the school that it is,” expressed Christopher Clute, Dean of Students at Green Valley. “PBIS is all about celebrating and helping students be successful. We teach students how to positively interact with others.”

“While we have always known what a special place Green Valley is, it is always nice to be recognized outside of our school community by the state of Ohio,” added Jacqueline Marconi, Principal at Green Valley. “It is important to honor and recognize students who ‘do the right thing’ every day by letting them know we see them, and it is important to our school community.”

One of the highlights of Green Valley’s PBIS program is its ‘Golden Ticket’ positive behavior recognition program that celebrates entire classrooms for being respectful, responsible and ready to learn.

PBIS at Greenbriar Middle School focuses on creating and implementing an impactful program to improve school climate.

“We really spent two years trying to get programs implemented at the building, with last year being the big push of everyone working together to make PBIS impactful, so it was exciting to get this recognition,” shared Todd Griffen, Assistant Principal at Greenbriar.

District-wide, students follow “The 3 Rs” which are respectful, responsible and ready to learn, and at Greenbriar, a lot of focus is on staff teaching and students knowing these expectations. The administration has been making calls home to recognize students for positive behavior as well as creating incentive programs for students to get excited about.

“No matter where you are at, having relationships with students is the foundation and is the starting line,” added Melissa Koss, Assistant Principal at Valley Forge, who was the Dean of Students last school year at Greenbriar. “If you don’t have that and can’t build on that, then a lot of the incentives efforts won’t matter. Among everything we were doing, building those relationships with our kids was our main focus and I think we do a really good job of it.”

Similarly, at Valley Forge High School, the PBIS Committee has been working hard to set expectations and reward students for being respectful, responsible and ready to learn.

“It is important to have consistent expectations and positive rewards for our students who come to school and demonstrate responsibility, respect and readiness,” shared Amanda McCullough, Assistant Principal at Valley Forge. “In addition to PBIS students of the month, we are now recognizing PBIS students of the quarter in addition to doing a student PBIS T-Shirt Design Contest and a PBIS Refresher at the start of the year. It was great to see our Patriots participating and demonstrating 'The 3 Rs'. We love calling home, sending congratulations letters, giving top performer t-shirts and gift cards!”

“Having the common expectations that are taught and enforced by everyone is key to student success,” Janine Andrzejewski, Valley Forge Principal, added. “It contributes to creating a safe, supportive and respectful environment in which all students can be comfortable learning in. Every staff member and every student have a role in implementing it and ensuring student success.”