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Get to Know Ms. Megan Garofalo - Thoreau Park Dean of Students

garofaloOctober 4, 2021

We have several new administrators and administrators who have changed positions in our school district this school year! 

Learn more about our leaders! 

Ms. Megan Garofalo
Thoreau Park Elementary School Dean of Students

Past positions held in PCSD and other districts: 

Preschool Intervention Specialist at First Step Preschool, Administrative Specialist of Outside Placements/Non-Public Schools of Special Education in the Department of Exceptional Students.


Associates Degree in Social Sciences- Tri C
Bachelors Degree Early Childhood Intervention Specialist (ECIS)
Master's Degree in Educational Administration with Principals License

How does it feel to be in this new position?

I am thankful for the opportunity for growth in leadership and looking forward to contributing to the successes of Thoreau Park Elementary and being part of such an amazing team of staff.

Why did you want this new position?

I am passionate about our students, staff, families, and community growth.

What are you most looking forward to this school year?

I'm looking forward to creating relationships with students, staff, families, and community members. Also, the ability to contribute to building goals, overall district initiatives, and being part of the implementations of our new curriculum and social emotional learning to meet the needs of our students.

Short-term goals you would like to achieve in your new position? Any long-term goals?

I would like to work with the team at Thoreau Park to contribute to the next level of PBIS, but also to continue to support staff, students, families, and community members for a positive outcome.

What is one thing you want people to know about you?

I am passionate about education, focusing on students as a whole in their current and future educational experiences, and meeting their individual needs. I am also passionate about working hard to support the overall goals and successes of district and building level initiatives. One of my strongest focuses is on building relationships and providing support to others. I love our students, staff, community, and district and I have been in Parma my entire life. I attended PCSD throughout my educational career, at Green Valley, Hillside, and Normandy. I am looking forward to giving back to the district and community that has made me who I am today.