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Congratulations PBIS State Recognition Winners

July 20, 2021


Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, or PBIS, programs throughout the Parma City School District have received recognition from the State of Ohio this summer!  

In total, 13 school buildings received gold, silver or bronze recognition from the Ohio PBIS Network and the Ohio Department of Education in 2021.

John Muir Elementary School received the gold recognition for all three tiers, while Thoreau Park Elementary School earned the silver award for best practices in tier II and tier I PBIS programs.

Dentzler Elementary School, Green Valley Elementary School, Greenbriar Middle School, Hillside Middle School, Normandy High School, Parma Park Elementary School, Parma Senior High School, Pleasant Valley Elementary School, Renwood Elementary School, Ridge-Brook Elementary School and Valley Forge High School earned the bronze award for their tier I PBIS programs.

Tier I PBIS supports are school-wide programs that create a positive school environment with clear expectations for behaviors in the classroom and throughout the school. Tier II are additional and individualized supports and interventions for students that go beyond the school-wide programs. Tier III are intensive, individualized interventions for students exhibiting severe or persistent behavioral challenges who have not responded to prior supports at tier I or tier II levels.

Christina Kruczek, Dean of Students at John Muir Elementary School, was thrilled to hear of John Muir’s gold achievement.

“John Muir is on the forefront of trauma-informed practices, which benefits each student in our building based on our tiered PBIS programming,” she shared. “The staff at John Muir truly believes in our students and is invested in social-emotional learning and creating a safe environment for students to grow and thrive. Even in this unique, challenging school year, we did it!”

Even amid a pandemic, the school wanted to excel in tier III supports, as John Muir has already earned bronze and silver for their tier I and tier II supports and programs.

“I feel it's extremely important to have a well-rounded program and I wanted to ensure that our students with the highest needs received the appropriate level of support to be successful,” Kruczek shared. “This year, we formed a separate PBIS tier III team, John Muir now has a team that focuses on tiers I and II, and a team for tier III. Our tier III Gold recognition would not have been possible without Hollee Anderson, our BCBA. Her expertise with our tier III students was invaluable. She is amazing at reaching the students with high social-emotional needs and teaching them self-regulation strategies. To achieve gold, we needed to have a solid PBIS program across all three tiers, so yes, we focused on adding tier III this year, but also continued to build and solidify tiers I and II at the same time.”

Some of the innovative programs in place at the school for PBIS include Viking of the Week, Viking Connections mentoring program, and a check-in check-out program where students report to a mentor before and after school and earn points to reach their goal throughout the school day. 

“This year, we are building upon our tier I framework and focusing on teaching all of our students self-regulation skills,” she added. “We want our students to understand that all feelings and emotions are okay. It was discovered this year that some students thought the only ‘correct’ state of being was happiness. Our goal is to provide our students with the tools to recognize what they are feeling, and a toolkit to help them process their feelings in a healthy way. Zones of Regulation will replace clip-charts in our school this year and we will begin the process of teaching self-regulation skills to all students at John Muir.”

Thoreau Park Elementary School achieved silver recognition this year, and Christopher Keating, Dean of Students at the school, was proud to earn this award since 2019.

“For our school's tier II supports, we offer a variety of ways to help support students in and out of the classroom,” Keating explained. “If a student is not meeting expectations with tier I supports, the student is referred to our PBIS team and we have the classroom teacher complete a survey which matches the student's area of need with one of four tier II interventions.”

The school has several tier II interventions in place including PRIDE Mentoring where the student is matched up with an adult in the building; small group skills-based instruction to re-learn expectations; Check-in/Check-out, where an adult in the building will check-in and out with the student each day to focus on 1-2 goals or school-wide expectations; and Alternative Recess (for older students having a hard time following expectations at recess) where a student will be paired up with a primary classroom and tutor students 2-3 times a week during recess to build leadership skills.

The next goal is for the school to submit its tier III plan to reach gold in 2022.

“Tier 3 PBIS supports are individualized to each student and these supports are used when a student is not meeting expectations with tier I and/or tier II supports,” Keating said. “My hope is for Tier I Monthly Leadership celebrations and Quarterly Panther Recognition celebrations to continue as well. These were modified due to COVID and hybrid learning last school year.”

Congratulations to all schools who received recognition for their PBIS programs! #PCSDProud