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Parma Senior High soccer programs offer camp for youth

Girl dribbles ball as part of Youth Soccer program November 4, 2019


by Andrew Lozitsky

12th grade,

Parma Senior High School



In the absence of a youth soccer program in the Parma area, Parma Senior High School boys and girls soccer head coaches, Sean McCue and Sandy Findley, set out to create a comfortable environment for young athletes to grow in the sport.

Started in Fall 2019, the Parma High soccer program invited young, aspiring athletes to participate in their youth camp and develop skills. Participants also learned life-lessons that they will carry into their later years.

Findley, as a coach and Parma Senior alumna, developed the camp around her belief that everyone deserves an opportunity to pursue athletics with the support of parents and the community.

“Being active and involved in athletics was a good outlet for me,” Findley explained. “I knew that this was something I wanted to work with kids with. Coach McCue and I think that being involved with the youth soccer community is really important, especially in building the culture here at Parma High, you have to start from the bottom to the top.”


Camp members were six to 14 years old, divided among age and skill level.

Practices consisted of different drills that helped them improve their abilities with the ball as well as their potential to work with others. Coaches emphasized the importance of exposing young players to new experiences and challenges.

“I've always found that it's useful to have a variety of coaching techniques and styles,” Findley described. “Through athletics and youth programs, we hope to build good relationships and start establishing a good work ethic, as well as teach how to communicate effectively.”

Members of the boys and girls soccer teams volunteered as youth coaches for community service. Youth coaches interacted with the campers, keeping drills and activities running smoothly.

As a non-profit initiative, all funds raised during the camp will support the Parma soccer program.

As a last word of advice, Findley wanted parents to recognize that soccer is more than just competition.

“Let it be about the kids, let them develop their love for the game,” she expressed. “It shouldn't be bigger than life to the parents, it should be about the players. Support your child and motivate them, and if they've committed to something, help them fill that commitment.”


PHOTO CAPTION:  Parma Senior High School boys and girls soccer programs began a youth soccer camp this Fall.  The program aims to help youth not only develop skills but learn life-long lessons through athletics.