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Ridge-Brook Boasts Budding Young Authors


Eight-second graders and one first grader at Ridge-Brook Elementary School spent the last 8 weeks writing and illustrating their own books.  The project was part of the Prevention, Intervention and Enrichment program, also known as PIE. 


After reading a story by a seven-year old author, the students were inspired to become authors as well.   They were challenged to think of a problem and solve it by the end of their story.  The students spent several weeks, writing, proofreading and revising their text. They also had to draw and color their own illustrations. One student wrote about a magic library where the books pulled you into the pages of the story. Another student went with a holiday theme, writing about an elf that hated Christmas and tried to eliminate all the Christmas spirit in the world.


When students were done polishing their stories to perfection, they read their books to the first graders at Ridge-Brook. They were very excited to share their work with the younger students. The young authors include, Second-graders, Hailey Tucholski, Emma Ezinski, Kamren Flanagan, Brianna Broze, Jade Krzywkowski, Rose Jakischa, Charithra Arvind, Annabelle Scollin and First-grader, Autumn Cuscire.