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Ridge-Brook PTA Honors Joan Shirak

On May 13th, the Ridge-Brook PTA honored Mrs. Joan Shirak with the Ohio PTA Achievement Award. PTA wanted to honor Mrs. Shirak for the many years she spent as a Parma City Schools educator and as a volunteer at Ridge-Brook after her retirement. Even during the pandemic, Mrs. Shirak continued to help teachers. She would pick up work to complete at home such as sorting papers, stapling, cutting, and many other things to help the Ridge-Brook teachers during this difficult time. 

Mrs. Shirak was given the award at a small ceremony with the staff of Ridge-Brook, Mrs. Shirak's family, and a few close friends. During the presentation, her son, Nick, gave an amazing speech. His speech was about the worth of a teacher and how much his mom means to the Parma City School District community (especially to Ridge-Brook). In his speech, Nick also discussed his father's contribution to the district (he was also a Parma educator) and his sister's (Miss Kris Shirak) contribution to the district.  Miss Shirak was a teacher at Ridge-Brook for many years before passing away unexpectedly. 

Thank you Mrs. Shirak for your service to the Parma City School District and to Ridge-Brook. We are proud to have you as part of our Ridge-Brook family! 

Mrs. Shirak and a few teachers

Mrs. Shirak's CertificateMrs. Shirak with her family