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A message from Superintendent Charles Smialek, Ph.D.

January 6, 2020


Happy New Year‭! ‬2019‭ ‬certainly ended on a high note for our district as our Board of Education approved our Master Plan for Strategic Consolidation‭. ‬

The GPD Group will dedicate the next several months to developing details of the planned new facilities while we focus internally on educating residents about our renewal operating levy‭. ‬Coincidentally‭, ‬this renewal is of the last‭ ‬“new money”‭ ‬levy‭, ‬passed in 2011‭. ‬

We continue to be committed to securing widespread input from stakeholders throughout our school communities so that we can design facilities that are both immediately practical and flexible enough to accommodate the myriad pedagogical and philosophical developments that will inevitably occur in the next 50-75‭ ‬years‭. ‬

Please consider becoming involved in one of our Facilities Steering Committees to ensure that your voice becomes an important part of our planning efforts‭. ‬We are seeking volunteers for both the Parent/Student and Community Member committees‭. ‬Registration‭ ‬is available through our website‭, ‬‭.‬

In other areas of focus‭, ‬we will continue to work through our District Leadership Team to improve our implementation of PBIS‭, ‬or‭ ‬Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports systems‭, ‬including expanding our use of Restorative Practices to approach our disciplinary hearings as learning opportunities instead of just means of punishing students‭. ‬

Further‭, ‬we will continue our focus on ensuring the best use of collaboration periods‭, ‬maximizing the impact of Teacher Based Teams on student learning‭. ‬We have produced over the last several years positive trends in many of our academic success indicators‭, ‬including‭, ‬most importantly‭, ‬Performance Index‭. ‬

These cold‭, ‬blustery days offer to our students invaluable time to focus‭, ‬as distractions will now become minimal over the next‭ ‬few months‭. ‬Our professional staffs will seize these opportunities to ensure that our students continue to achieve at higher levels than those we previously reached‭. ‬

We’re excited to begin what we hope will become a historical year for our students and communities‭. ‬Welcome back‭!‬