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PCSD students remember veterans during the holidays with Wreaths Across America

Ridge-Brook students at Western Reserve National Cemetery January 6, 2020


To honor Armed Services veterans during this holiday season‭, ‬elementary students from throughout the PCSD raised‭ $‬850‭ ‬for the Wreaths Across America program‭.‬

Organized by Ridge-Brook Elementary third grade teacher Cheryl Trainer‭, ‬students from Dentzler‭, ‬Ridge-Brook and Thoreau Park Elementary Schools raised money to purchase 83‭ ‬wreaths to be placed at the Western Reserve National Cemetery in Seville‭, ‬Ohio‭. ‬Seven PCSD students then had the opportunity to visit the cemetery on December 14‭, ‬and placed the wreaths at the graves of veterans‭,‬‭ ‬with help from Ridge-Brook teacher Anthony Adomaites and former Ridge-Brook PTA president Jen Olson‭.‬

“I could tell that the kids‭, ‬although frozen from the bitter cold and rain‭, ‬were happy to honor our veterans by saying each of their names out loud and thanking them for their service‭,‬”‭ ‬Trainer said of the experience‭. ‬“I was overcome with emotion as I watched these young children see the importance and value of honoring those who have fought and‭ ‬died for their freedom‭.  ‬What a lucky woman I am to not only teach these young ones‭, ‬but also share a life-changing experience‭ ‬with them‭.‬”

Each December‭, ‬volunteers from Wreaths Across America remember and honor veterans at over 2,100‭ ‬locations in all 50‭ ‬states‭. ‬At Western Reserve National Cemetery alone‭, ‬more than 4,000‭ ‬wreaths were placed at gravesites‭.‬


PHOTO CAPTION: As part of Wreaths Across America in December‭, ‬students placed 83‭ ‬wreaths at the graves of veterans at the Western Reserve National Cemetery in Seville‭, ‬Ohio‭. ‬PCSD elementary students raised‭ $‬850‭ ‬at three separate schools for this project‭.‬