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Parma High student takes passion and gift for music to the next level

PSH student Moe Fennell plays the drums


June 3, 2019



Moe Fennell has a passion for playing the drums.


“I’ve been playing since I was five,” the recent Parma Senior High graduate shared. “I got into playing the drums from watching other people when I was young.”


Voted most musically talented his senior year of high school, Fennell said paying the drums makes him the happiest and makes his world happy.


“It’s my passion,” Fennell expressed. “It makes me feel very good.”


Fennell doesn’t read music, rather plays by ear and can create a variety of beats based on the type of music he hears.


He started out by playing in church followed by school concerts. His big debut was at Brothers Lounge in Cleveland, where he played with a group for an open mic night. None of the members practiced together before playing together, but Fennell fit in perfectly. His great aunt got to sing with him, too. It was a night he will never forget.


“He was so excited to play,” shared Eileen Malloy, Intervention Specialist at Parma Senior High and Fennell’s teacher. “There were 22 staff members from Parma that showed up to support him. However, he was waiting for one special person to come, Mr. Plasterer, and it meant something very special that he was able to attend.”


Jared Plasterer, choir teacher at Parma Senior High, has been a big influence in Fennell’s life and has been encouraging him to share his natural gift of music.


“Moe is so kind, so gentle and so sensitive as a person and as a musician,” Plasterer shared. “I just enjoy my time with him. He doesn’t say much, but what he does have to say is meaningful.”


Malloy shared that Fennell has made an impact on many people at Parma Senior High and is such a good person.


“I’m very, very proud of him,” she expressed. “I have had the privilege of working with Moe since he was an eighth-grader. It has made me so proud to watch him grow academically, emotionally, personally and to share his gift with the world. He has such a special gift.”



PHOTO CAPTION:  Parma senior Moe Fennell plays the drums during a concert at Brothers Lounge in Cleveland on April 19. Over 20 Parma High staff members came to the show to hear him play.