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Teaching Professions class trains the generation of educators

Teaching Professions class


June 3, 2019



by Andrew Lozitsky

11th Grade,

Parma Senior High School



With its establishment in 2015, the Parma City School District Career and Technical Education Teaching Professions Program has written numerous success stories and continues to grow with new students every year.


Presented exclusively for seniors, the Career Tech program boasts the ability to promptly employ recent graduate students.


Tami Wozniak-Smith, teaching professions instructor, shared that anyone can benefit from participating in the program and taking advantage of the opportunities presented.


“It's the biggest bonus of a program like this,” Wozniak expressed. “The growth that happens, even if it isn’t to develop perfect teachers, from the beginning of the year until now, is exponential.”


A distinct characteristic of the Teaching Professions Program are the opportunities for students to explore the field.


“We set up partnerships with elementary, middle and high schools and other support buildings,” Wozniak explained. “Students work with both teachers and kids, observe, create bulletin boards, grade tests, as well participate in other engaging activities. Real life experiences give us an awesome platform to work off of, it couldn't get more hands on.”


The program is a great way for students to gauge where their interests lie. Many of the seniors that take the class solidify their decision to become teachers, while others find inspiration in pursuing different educational paths.


Wozniak admits that it may not be the profession of choice for most people, though the program remains an excellent way to build your high school resume. The 2019 graduating class, all 22 students, received college credit for their participation.


Wozniak emphasized the importance of spending time in classrooms and working with the kids when asked about what advice she'd offer to anyone interested in the field. She said that although the program is centered around developing future teachers, the possibilities for growth and refinement are endless.


PHOTO CAPTION:  Students in the Teaching Professions class get in classroom experience working in a number of school buildings throughout the PCSD.  The one-year Career and Technical program is available to PCSD high school seniors.