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A message from Superintendent Charles Smialek, Ph.D.



May 20, 2019



We concluded this Saturday our first segment of Master Planning for Strategic Consolidation sessions. Thank you to the many residents and staff members who participated to this point!


This week, we will post an online survey to gain input from those who were unable to attend one of our 12 meetings.


This summer, then, we will collate responses from both those who participated in our meetings and those who used the online forum to provide feedback. Those responses will help us to form a number of clear options to analyze with our communities this fall. We will also post results on our website. 


In September, we will begin another series of meetings to solicit input. However, these will be tailored to specific plans, instead of the more broad, general sessions we held this winter and spring.


Our goal is to narrow down to the extent possible the possibilities of what our future campuses should become. We aim to have a specific proposal identified by the end of this calendar year. This consensus plan will likely become the focus of a bond issue in 2020. 


Our goal remains to consolidate the number of campuses we operate. However, as we seek this goal, we continue to believe that we should consolidate into new schools, not those that the Ohio Facility Construction Commission seems beyond the point of economically efficient renovation.


Your input this winter and spring brings us one step closer to realizing this exciting vision. We look forward to beginning with you our next steps this fall!


Visit our website at for more information.