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Greenbriar Principal's Council keeps parents and school talking on regular basis

Greenbriar Principal's Council Meeting


December 17, 2018



Greenbriar Middle School administration knows communication is key.


To help improve communication with parents, Principal Jill Schissler has created Principal’s Council at Greenbriar this school year.


“This is geared toward really what (PCSD Superintendent) Dr. Charles Smialek’s district initiatives are, those three goals,” Schissler described. “That’s what my agenda outlines each meeting. It is focused around practicing fiscal responsibility, improving student achievement and increasing transparency, and I think that’s vital.”


Administration, which includes Schissler, Assistant Principal Todd Griffen and Administrative Intern Melissa Koss, along with a small group of parents meet monthly for about 45 minutes. The group touches base on what’s happening in the school as well as listens to concerns and questions from parents.


“I know parents are bombarded today with everything that’s going on, but it’s still nice to have a small group come in and tell them what’s going on,” Schissler said. “It’s important for us to get correct information out there.”


Currently, the group is comprised of two fifth-grade parents and one seventh-grade parent. In the future, the hope is to have two parents from each grade be active in the group.


“These parents were chosen totally at random,” Schissler explained. “I don’t know these parents, I just told my head secretary, Judy Zywiec, to find two parents from each grade. That’s tough because our parents work, but I wanted a time that might work for parents. We picked 2 p.m. so they can pick their child up right after the meeting. We got three parents, and I think this is a good mix right now.”


The idea for Principal’s Council was something familiar to Schissler, from previous experiences throughout her career.


“We started it down in Woodridge … and my principal, Mic Becerra, who is now with Lorain City Schools, had one. I would go into that as the co-curricular director,” Schissler shared. “I loved it. It’s very revealing. If you can get parents in there who feel that it’s a safe place, they can give you some great information.”


She said having parents in both fifth and seventh grade give her a good perspective because they are at two different stages of middle school.


“I want parents to bring their concerns to the table, because that’s how I improve,” Schissler expressed. “You can never stop improving.”


The group has only met twice so far, but the two meetings have been very positive, she added.


“I love the input that they bring to the table,” Schissler shared. “In essence this becomes goals for me of how do we make the building better for our parents and how can we be more stakeholder friendly. We want to have those open lines of communication with parents… and we want to continue to build a great culture in the building.”



PHOTO CAPTION:  Recently, PCSD Superintendent Charles Smialek, Ph.D., far left, joined  Greenbriar’s principal, Jill Schissler, left, and a number of school’s parents for the Principal’s Councils meeting.  The regular meetings better establish strong communication between parents and administration at Greenbriar.