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Parma High teacher Molly Deeks encourages her students through exploration and creativity

PSH Ceramics teacher Molly Deeks



December 17, 2018



by Codie Moro

12th Grade,

Parma Senior High School



Molly Deeks is the well-known and widely-liked ceramics teacher of Parma Senior High School.


She has made an impact on every student who has the pleasure of taking her class as she pushes them to be the best they can be.


Deeks decided to pursue a teaching career because of her own experiences with teachers who inspired her.  Deeks also has first-hand experiences of her own that illustrate the value that teachers have in students’ lives.


“My sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Lynn, challenged me and pushed me to work harder and explore new concepts,” she shared. “I also grew up with teachers in the family. Seeing the impact that they had on students and their goals inspired me to be a part of the educational process.”


Every teacher hopes to inspire their students in some way and encourage them to keep an open mind to new opportunities and experiences.


“I hope that I convince students to step outside their comfort zone,” Deeks expressed. “Art can be a very personal experience and I hope that the projects within my class convince students to constantly reflect on their lives and push themselves to try new things.”


Deeks plays a very important role in high schoolers’ lives, as she is one the teachers dedicated to teaching an art form.


“Art is incredibly important within the high school setting because it provides a creative outlet for many students,” she explained. “It can be a career path for some students, but it also provides an opportunity to continue developing critical thinking skills, visual literacy, refine motor skills, perseverance, responsibility, creativity, and helps foster self-directed learning. All of these skills are important for high school students to have for their future careers.”


As she excels in the role of teacher, she doesn’t miss the opportunities to learn from her students.


“I have learned a variety of pop culture references and up and coming artists they encounter,” Deeks shared. “Their creativity has pushed me to continue learning new skills and techniques.”


Deeks is a valuable member of the Parma High teacher faculty as she continues to positively shape the minds of her students every day.