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Hillside Important Dates

Attention Hillside Families!!! 📢📢 Here are some upcoming dates you need to know!
Monday, Aug 28th: 5th grade STUDENT ONLY orientation 9:30am-11am
5th grade LOCKER SET UP 11am-12pm (Adult must be present)
Tuesday, Aug 29th: 6th,7th,8th LOCKER SET UP and SCHEDULE PICK UP
9am -3pm (Adult must be present)
Wednesday, Aug 30th-5th & 7th grade OPEN HOUSE (PARENTS/GUARDIANS ONLY)
7th grade: 5PM
5th grade: 6:30PM
Thursday, Sept. 7th -6th and 8th grade OPEN HOUSE (PARENTS/GUARDIANS ONLY)
8th grade: 5pm
6th grade: 6:30pmhillside