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Pleasant Valley Book Vending Machine Revealed

August 25, 2022

PV book vending machine

Pleasant Valley Elementary School just unveiled its Book Vending Machine! 
Here's what Dean of Students Allison Kokely shared about this exciting new addition to the school's lobby!
"The book vending machine first became a vision when each building was awarded $1,000 for PBIS initiatives from the Parma Schools Foundation. We wanted to come up with an idea that was long-lasting for our students while still being sustainable for us. Thanks to previous fundraising efforts and the participation of our families, we had money available to purchase the customized machine. We were also able to partner with our PTA. Using our funds we shopped at the school book fair which in turn brought additional funds that could be spent by the building. PTA graciously offered to let us use some of that money to supplement refilling the machine once it empties. The phrase, "It Takes a Village" can certainly be used in conjunction with making our book vending machine into a reality--and we are very grateful for our village!
Starbucks are the PBIS currency we use at Pleasant Valley, because we are the STARS! Students will have the ability to earn these for being Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to Learn throughout each day. Weekly and monthly, we will hold raffles and the winners will be able to earn an "inchy token" to use to choose a book from the machine. We've already introduced this to our students and there is A LOT of excitement!"
Check out the photo gallery here: