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Special Memorial Day Display at Valley Forge

May 28, 2021

Valley Forge High School will have a special Memorial Day display for the community to visit this weekend. Here are the details:
580 flags will be displayed along Independence Blvd. to represent the approximately 58,000 American servicemen that died in the Vietnam War. Each flag represents 100 losses.
Alumni signs showing the names and pictures of the VFHS alumni that died during the Vietnam War will be posted near the flag display. Also included is their VF graduating class, military branch of service and the year they were killed in action. QR codes link to more information about each one.
The recently installed VF Agent Orange Memorial is a highlight of the display. The memorial is meant to acknowledge the suffering of many Vietnam veterans due to Agent Orange exposure and raise awareness of the issues they face. Signs will be posted explaining the meaning behind each design element.
A separate display of 100 flags will be displayed to show the scope of Agent Orange exposure. It is estimated that 12 million gallons of Agent Orange were used during the Vietnam War. Each flag represents 120,000 gallons of Agent Orange. QR codes link to more information.
Valley Forge History Club and students in the Vietnam War class hope that this display leads all who view it to take a moment to remember the sacrifice of our valiant military service members.