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Get to Know Mrs. Emily McKim - John Muir Elementary School Principal

McKimSeptember 27, 2021

We have several new administrators and administrators who have changed positions in our school district this school year! 

Learn more about our leaders! 

Mrs. Emily McKim
John Muir Elementary School Principal

Past positions held in PCSD and other districts: 

Assistant Principal and Intern - Pleasant Valley
Assistant Principal - Normandy


Cleveland State - bachelor's in Middle Childhood Education (Math and Language Arts), master's in Educational Administration

How does it feel to be in this new position?

I am so excited for this amazing opportunity. I am most excited about meeting my new students, families and staff and using all of the wonderful experiences and knowledge I've gained over these last six years as an administrator to truly help to make a difference in the lives of our John Muir Vikings.

Why did you want this new position?

I grew up in Parma, spent most of my life in the John Muir area, and really and truly just wanted to come back to my childhood neighborhood, the area that helped shape and mold me into the person I've become. I have very strong connections to Parma and more specifically to the John Muir community. I am proud of where I grew up, proud of who I grew into, and know that I can help our John Muir Vikings accomplish great things and be proud of themselves too.

What are you most looking forward to this school year?

I am most looking forward to getting to know the students, staff, and families and beginning to build lasting relationships with each of them. Additionally, I am looking forward to having students back in the building, engaged in learning, and continuing to make progress.

Short-term goals you would like to achieve in your new position? Any long-term goals?

My long-term goal is to help create life-long learners who enjoy being at school and who continue to show growth academically, socially, and emotionally.

What is one thing you want people to know about you?

I want people to know that I am very passionate about education, very passionate about Parma, and 100% invested in this position. I am someone who will show up, work hard every day, and always make decisions that are in the best interest of the students, with safety always being my number one concern.

Any other details about you that you would like to share?

Married with 4 children (Dylan-21, Bella-12, Maddie-10, Brayden-7). We have Golden Retriever dogs (Marlee-2 and Finn-10 months)