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8th Grade Registration


8th Grade Registration Guide


8th Grade Registration Form


HAC Registration Steps:
1. Log into Home Access Center from the Parma City Schools website . Enter your user name and password and you will go to your Home Access Center HOME SCREEN
2. To enter your course requests for next year, click on the CLASSES button at the top of the page, then the REQUESTS tab. YOU MAY ONLY ADD CLASSES THAT ARE ON THE 8th GRADE REGISTRATION FORM! Do not add other high school classes. 

3. Click on the EDIT button in line with the department where you would like to request a course then choose the course based on the description, course number and credit (please reference the 8th grade online registration guide for detailed information about courses). Click the REQUEST box in the first column then click save 

4. Once you have selected all of your requests, you will see the selected courses and credits on your requests screen (see example below). You can update your requests by clicking on the EDIT button.