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Pleasant Valley STEM 3 Gives Back to the Community

November 22, 2021

CapstonePleasant Valley Elementary School STEM third graders are sharing their talents and giving back to the community this November. 

On November 22, 2021, students shared their capstone projects and donated their projects back to community organizations. 

Students learned all about the community resources across our three cities and completed service projects to help make a difference. 

Each year, we begin our first Project-based Learning Unit with a study of how Parma has changed over time,” Kim Feeney, STEM 3 Coach, explained. “In light of the pandemic and the resulting needs that our community members have, we wanted to get at how we could use what we have learned to serve others.”

STEM 3 classes worked on a variety of projects and learned more about these important resources that make our community strong.

Projects completed include: 

Artwork and 300 greeting cards to senior citizens at Donna Smallwood Activities Center

Blankets, hats and gloves to families in need at Southwest Community Based Services/University Settlement

Toiletries and laundry detergent to Parma Hunger Center

Microgreens for Pleasant Valley salads to Spice Field Kitchen/PV Cafeteria Manager

Pledge to recycle more throughout the building to Principal Stephanie Boka

“When I asked my learners about their community projects I was impressed with how much they enjoyed working with one another and the community,” Tiffany Duke, who is also a STEM 3 Coach at the building. “They all enjoyed putting time and effort into the blankets and cards and told me they really felt like it would brighten someone's day upon receiving these things. It was encouraging to see them doing good for the community and helping those in need.” 

Jennifer Borosh, STEM 3 Coach, said Parma Mayor Timothy DeGeeter also stopped by to speak to teach learners about the importance of all the different departments that help run the city.

"He also discussed with our learners that in order to be successful at his job he needs to not only be a good reader and writer but most importantly a good listener," she added.

Sometimes what students see going on in the world can leave them feeling helpless to make a positive impact,” Feeney expressed “This PBL taught them how even simple things can have far-reaching results. Developing a social conscience and sense of civic duty is intangible and so important to begin at a young age.  We are hoping that community members who benefit from our students' efforts will be reminded that small hands can do great things!”