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Dentzler Elementary students go on NED Kindness Adventure

Dentzler Elementary NED Assembly February 10, 2020


On January 21st‭, ‬Dentzler’s students participated in a NED Kindness Adventure Assembly‭. ‬NED stands for Never give up‭, ‬Encourage others‭, ‬&‭ ‬Do your best‭! ‬One of NED’s world-class performers brought an unforgettable adventure to the school‭. ‬Using storytelling‭, ‬music‭, ‬interactive videos‭, ‬magical illusions and audience participation‭, ‬Dentzler’s students went on a journey to Africa‭.‬

‭ ‬NED has partnered with Bidii Primary school in Nairobi‭, ‬Kenya‭, ‬who invited them‭, ‬and their friend‭, ‬NED‭, ‬a lovable cartoon character‭, ‬to visit their beautiful country‭. ‬Although there was some fear and reluctance at first because of the differences‭, ‬they quickly learned that they have something in common with the kids in Kenya that can break down barriers‮…‬‭ ‬a kind heart and a caring‭ ‬attitude‭.‬

‭ ‬NED’s Kindness Adventure assembly supports Dentzler’s initiatives for developing a positive and caring school climate‭. ‬Its proactive approach aims to prevent many forms of mistreatment‭, ‬including bullying‭, ‬by showcasing the sense of satisfaction that takes place when a child chooses to show kindness‭, ‬respect and acceptance‭. ‬The free assembly was funded by their Pay-it-Forward program which includes a school sale of handmade jewelry‭ ‬from Africa to pay for the next school who gets to enjoy the Kindness Adventure‭!‬