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#MyPCSDStory: Natalie James, Normandy Class of 2004

Natalie James NHS '04 January 13, 2020



Natalie James‭ (‬Long‭)‬

High School‭:

Normandy High School

Graduation Year‭:



Any post-secondary education‭? ‬If so‭, ‬please list your college‭, ‬degrees earned and graduation dates‭:‬

Kent State University Graduated in 2008‭ (‬Bachelors of Science in Education‭: ‬Majored in Middle Childhood Education‭, ‬Math and Science 4-9‭, ‬ELA and Social Studies 4-6‭ ‬Generalist‭, ‬4-9‭ ‬Reading Endorsement‭) ‬

Malone University Graduated in 2012‭ (‬Masters of Science in Educational Leadership‭: ‬Pk-12‭ ‬Principalship License‭)‬


Current job title and location‭:‬‭ ‬Dean of Students‭: ‬Dentzler and Parma Park Elementary Schools


How did your experiences at the Parma City School District help you to achieve success in your career‭?‬‭ ‬I am very passionate about Parma City Schools because I grew up loving my experiences in the classroom with my teachers‭. ‬The teachers that I remember the most were the ones that were positive in the classroom and that you could really tell loved their job‭. ‬I was college-ready through my academic experiences at PCSD‭, ‬and this gave me a head start to a successful career‭. ‬My teachers‭ ‬inspired me and they cared about my growth even though I wasn’t the best student or the highest-achieving student‭.‬


What is your favorite childhood memory growing up‭?‬‭  ‬One of my favorite childhood memories is from Renwood Elementary‭. ‬In sixth grade‭, ‬when I was on safety patrol‭, ‬we always got to miss the first few minutes of the day when it was cold or snowy because we had hot chocolate made for us when we came in from‭ ‬our post‭. ‬It really seemed like the best thing ever at that time‭! ‬


Who was your favorite teacher and how did they inspire you‭?‬‭ ‬My favorite teacher growing up was Mrs‭. ‬Marsha Marion at Hillside Middle School‭. ‬Mrs‭. ‬Marion is an inspiration because she was‭ ‬always so positive‭, ‬optimistic‭, ‬and loving‭, ‬even with her most difficult students‭. ‬She truly cared about every single student she had and wanted the best for them‭. ‬You could really tell that she LOVED her job‭. ‬She inspired and encouraged me to join choir in high school where so many of my high school memories were built‭.‬


Looking back at your school years‭, ‬what is one thing that has stayed with you throughout the years‭? ‬After being in concert choir all throughout high school‭, ‬every year during the holidays I still find myself singing the words to‭ ‬Concert Choir’s Winter Candlelight Processional and Hallelujah Chorus‭. ‬Mrs‭. ‬Seredick always took so much pride in putting on a quality winter‭ ‬show to remember‭. ‬If we weren’t on point with every note‭, ‬we would not have performed‭. ‬I still have the CD we made‭!‬


What does the PCSD mean to you‭?‬ The PCSD is now my home and my family‭. ‬I now have over 700‭ ‬kids between my two buildings and I care about the academic‭, ‬social‭, ‬mental‭, ‬and emotional health and future of every single one of them‭. ‬Everyday I am inspired even more by the teachers that work‭ ‬with and love our kids daily no matter their ability level‭, ‬home life‭, ‬or behavior‭. ‬They build relationships and work diligently‭ ‬to create meaningful lessons‭. ‬They volunteer their time and heart for the good of our children‭. ‬This is not just a place I go to work everyday‭, ‬this is my future‭, ‬this is my home‭.‬


Why are you Parma Proud‭?‬ I am Parma Proud because I see amazing things happening every day in my buildings‭. ‬Teachers‭, ‬aides‭, ‬and monitors teaching lessons both academic and in life‭, ‬students learning and becoming good problems solvers and decision makers‭, ‬and administration pouring their hearts into everything they do to make their students’‭ ‬lives more enriched‭. ‬Parma is the place that I grew up and I received an excellent education‭. ‬I’m seeing‭, ‬in many ways‭, ‬our students today receiving everything they need to make themselves successful and contributing citizens just as I did‭.‬