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Dentzler Elementary teacher wins grant for excellence in virtual instruction

Jennifer Schweitzer teaching via virtual instruction June 1, 2020


Cox Communications recently ran a social media campaign honoring K-12 educators that demonstrated excellence while conducting virtual instruction.

Parents and students and staff nominated their teachers across Ohio, Rhode Island, and Connecticut for this award and Dentzler’s own Jennifer Schweitzer was one of six selected to be a “Hero of Distance Learning.”

With this honor, came a $1,000 grant for a virtual classroom makeover.

Schweitzer was nominated by Parma Council of PTA president, Heather Ekechi.  “Ann (Jennifer) Schweitzer from Dentzler Elementary has gone above in working on educating her first grade class. Her enthusiasm and effort to go above for the kids is simply amazing! She has daily meetings via Facebook and posts learning videos, multiple links, and has even taught subjects like how to write a letter and is mailing the kids activities, etc.”

“Ann (Jennifer) Schweitzer, I second your nomination,” added Adria Fisher, a PCSD school psychologist. “She has simulated her students’ day as if they are in the classroom with her, while helping parents learn her classroom language!”

Schweitzer was honored with this award on Monday, May 18th during a surprise Zoom meeting and was beyond excited with the news. She was the only teacher to be nominated twice out of all the teachers that were recognized.

Schweitzer is looking forward to using the grant award to obtain additional equipment and resources that can be utilized with distance learning activities as well as activities within her physical classroom.  

Congratulations, Jen!  You are a valued member of our Dentzler team and an asset to the PCSD.


PHOTO CAPTION: Jennifer Schweitzer, a First Grade teacher at Dentzler Elementary, was recently awarded a $1,000 grant from Cox Communications as a “Hero of Distance Learning” for her excellence in conducting virtual instruction for her students.