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Dentzler Elementary students "stick together" to end bullying

Dentzler Elementary "Stick Together" students February 3, 2020


For the second year‭, ‬Dentzler Elementary School has partnered with Project Love and Duct Tape Brand for the‭ ‬“Stick Together”‭ ‬against the bullying program‭.  ‬Students in grades 2-4‭ ‬were involved in grade-level assemblies on Friday‭, ‬January 24‭ ‬to discuss kindness and‭ ‬“sticking together”‭ ‬against bullying‭.  ‬The program video demonstrated how one act of kindness spreads from one person to another and forms a kindness chain that can be contagious‭.‬

Last year‭, ‬all students and staff signed their names to pieces of Duct Tape and attached them to‭ ‬“Stick Together”‭ ‬banners which are displayed in the hallways of the school‭.  ‬This year‭, ‬each student and staff put their names on a piece of duct tape to form a kindness chain that will be displayed through the hallways‭.‬