About Us

  • First Step PreSchool            

    First Step Preschool
    7700 Malibu Drive
    Parma, Ohio  44130
    Phone: (440) 885-8665

    Lara Svihlik
    Early Childhood Coordinator

    The ABC's of First Step Pre-school

    This program has been designed to enhance and enrich the development of each child. First Step staff plans daily activities for children based upon the following guidelines: 

    A. Learning is developmental:  children are provided the opportunity to learn at their own pace with valuable "hands-on" experiences
    B. Children learn through play: ample play experiences are provided to develop decision-making abilities which integrate language, cognitive, social, adaptive and motor skills
    C. Self-concept is critical: parents and staff work together to encourage children's efforts and accomplishments to motivate their love of learning

    The First Step Philosophy

    We recognize that each child is a unique individual worthy of the opportunity to reach his or her potential. We celebrate the diversity that each child brings to our program. All children will be nurtured in a positive environment where they are actively engaged in play and involved in activities that develop peer interaction, foster communication skills, enhance self-esteem and encourage the overall development of the child.

    General Classroom Schedule

    There are 12 classrooms at First Step Preschool. Center-based classes conduct both a morning and afternoon session. Each session meets for 2.5 hours, 4 days a week. Children with special needs and typically developing peer models are assigned to either a morning or afternoon class at the time of enrollment.

    Morning classes are in session on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:20 a.m. to 10:50 a.m.
    Afternoon classes are in session on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11:50 a.m. to 2:20 p.m.