1988 Boys Basketball Team

  • 1988 Boys Basketball
    The top boys basketball team in the history of the Parma City School District, the 1987-88 team made the district's only appearance in the Final Four.  The team earned a regional championship over St. Joseph and was also the district, sectional and Lake Erie League champion.   The team started off 5-3 on the season, before winning 16 games in a row to finish at 21-4.  The team would spark a decade long run of excellence as four other boys basketball teams reached the regionals.  No other basketball teams in the Parma City School District have ever advanced into the regionals besides Stavole's Valley Forge Teams.
  • Team Members:
    Pat Akos, Dave Berger, Craig Bobeck, Dave Clark, Jim Hanna, Mark Laski, Bo Lynch, Joe Markowski, Larry McEwen, Chuck Monaghan, Bill Riggle, Barry Smith, Pat Teresi, Joe Torok, Carmen Vanello
    John Mikel, John Jakus
    John Stavole, Head Coach
    Bill Haas, Assistant Coach 
    Tom Moran, Assistant Coach
    Mark Thomay, Assistant Coach 

1988 Boys Basketball Results

  • Valley Forge83Brecksville67
    Valley Forge87Padua 61 
    Valley Forge78Lakewood 58 
    Valley Forge75Shaker Heights 76 
    Valley Forge67Bay58 
    Valley Forge79Shaw 89 
    Valley Forge96Normandy  86 
    Valley Forge71Parma 79 
    Valley Forge74Holy Name 49 
    Valley Forge71 Cleveland Heights 66 
    Valley Forge80 Lakewood 54 
    Valley Forge92 Shaker Heights 86 
    Valley Forge87 Shaw 85 
    Valley Forge85 Willoughby56 
    Valley Forge76 Normandy 57 
    Valley Forge54 Medina 41 
    Valley Forge82 Parma53 
    Valley Forge76 Massillon 41 
    Valley Forge82 Midpark 76 
    Valley Forge102 Cleveland Heights 86 
    Valley Forge (Districts)68Saint Ignatius  66 
    Valley Forge (Districts)77West Tech 57 
    Valley Forge (Regionals)72Warren Harding 70 
    Valley Forge (Regionals)76St. Joseph 74 
    Valley Forge (Final Four)56Cincinnati Woodward 77