Report Bullying

  • Anti-Bullying initiatives are year-round. The district-wide program at PCSD is a collaboration between administration, the Parma Area Family to Family Collaborative, our school buildings, parents and community organizations. In addition, each school building conducts various anti-bullying programs throughout the year. These include assemblies, red-ribbon weeks, and other initiatives including community events such as Rachel’s Challenge and the Empowerment Rally held at the PCSD Hanna Building in November. Learn about the Positive Behavior Intervention Supports program guiding our schools.

    • Bullying Report Hotline: (440) 886-7630
    • Online Reporting via email.
    • Students are also encouraged to make Verbal Reports to any PCSD staff member.

    These hotlines are anonymous. Please be prepared to provide the following information so that we can help you best:

    1) Explain the incident or problem
    2) Where did the incident take place?
    3) Who was involved?
    4) Which schools do the individuals attend?

    Thank you for doing your part to STOP BULLYING in our schools.