Advanced Placement

The Advanced Placement Program (AP) offers students the opportunity to participate in
rigorous and demanding coursework that may allow the students to earn college credit. The
students may earn this college credit or advanced standing with a sufficient score on the AP
exam. AP courses have exceptionally high standards (as outlined by the College Board),
require more in-depth study by students, and carry a weighted grade. These courses place a
high degree of emphasis on the student's own self-motivation, study skills, and the ability to self
direct his/her own learning. Homework is generally assigned daily, and is more extensive than
is assigned in Honors level courses. AP exams are given in May and contain multiple choice
and free-response questions. The exams include problem solving and the use of other higher
level thinking skills. Students enrolled in AP courses are expected to take the AP exams which
carry an approximate cost of $89 per exam (price may vary). The AP exam fee for qualifying
students may be reduced by the state of Ohio based on financial need. Students enrolling in
AP classes should secure a teacher recommendation and demonstrate a high level of
mastery in the specific subject area.
The following high school level classes will be offered this year as AP courses:
 AP Studio Art
 AP English III - Language & Composition
AP English IV - Literature & Composition 
AP Chemistry
AP Physics 1: Algebra-Based
AP European History
AP Macro Economics/Micro Economics
AP U.S. Government & Politics
AP U.S. History
AP World History 
AP French
AP Spanish