Extended Day Care Registration Information

  • Extended Day Care

    Snow Days

    As stated in your Extended Day Care Parent Handbook, since childcare tuition-based budgets are determined using the number of scheduled school days, there is no adjustment in tuition for snow/calamity days. Tuition rates for EDC have not been raised since 2007, and we rely on full and timely payments from contracted parents for all scheduled school days. Our goal is to  continue to be able to provide childcare for you by maintaining self-sufficiency as Children’s Services staff members are not paid using the District’s General Fund. Your cooperation is appreciated.

    EDC Registration and Wait List

    Any parent who has a child enrolled in the Parma City Schools and is in need of childcare may register provided openings remain in their child’s EDC location by calling the Children's Services office at 440-885-2484 or coming to our office at 5311 Longwood Avenue, Room 117. If space is not available, we can place your name on the waitlist for your site and we will contact you when space becomes available.

    There is a $20/child or $30/family registration fee due along with your completed form at the time you register for a program.
    * Ridge-Brook PM Extended Day Care students are transported to Thoreau Park. Parents of Ridge-Brook students must be able to pick up their child(ren) from Thoreau Park school by 6:00 PM. The AM program will remain at Ridge-Brook.
    ** Limited AM and PM Extended Day Care slots are available at Parma Park for those EDC STEM students whose home school is NOT Pleasant Valley. Transportation costs to and from Pleasant Valley will be absorbed by Extended Day Childcare. EDC parents must be able to drop off their child(ren) at Parma Park no later than 8:30 AM and must pick up from Parma Park no later than 6:00 PM.
    Please call the Children's Services office at (440) 885-2484 for more information regarding program openings and EDC registration.
    Monthly Tuition Invoice
    There is an option for those families that would like to pay their tuition on a monthly basis.  By calling the Children's Services office at (440) 885-2484, you can request a monthly invoice for your tuition.  The office will send an invoice a week before the first of each month and the payment is due in our office by the 10th of each month.
    The EDC program does not send invoices on a weekly basis.  Weekly tuition is due every Monday prior to service.