Home Access Center Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why did I get two or more mailers?

    One mailer is sent to each student because they have their own account. One mailer is sent to each guardian of each student. So at the minimum, if you have one guardian for one student, you will receive two mailers: one for the student and one for the parent. If you have multiple students and / or multiple guardians the number of mailers will increase.

    My username / password does not work?

    Two common problems have been identified here. The first is that you need to use a period and no space between the last name and first initial. Some people are using a comma and space. The second issue is confusing the letter O for the number zero and vice versa. The same can be said for the number one and the letter L. Please try both alternatives.

    How do I get a username / password?

    Usernames and passwords are mailed home shortly after the start of school. We will then send mailers out to new students / parents once a week.

    What if I forget my password?

    Send an e-mail message with your full name, your child's full name, your child's building to
    HomeAccessCenter@ParmaCitySchools.org. The Department of Information Systems will respond as quickly as possible.

    Why are there courses without any grade book information?

    Not all teachers are publishing grade book information.

    Why do I have a different username / password for each of my children?
    Home Access Center requires that a guardian be 'linked' between all siblings before a single username can be used access all of the students. Please send your full name, all of your children's names and buildings and request to have the links updated in an e-mail to HomeAccessCenter@ParmaCitySchools.org.
    How do I print a report card?

    Log in to Home Access Center

    Click on the GRADES tab

    Click on the REPORT CARD tab (you can view marking period grades here)

    Click PRINT for a printable version (This printable version includes grades, attendance and GPA information)