Registration Information

  • Parma City Schools will be implementing an appointment registration program for the convenience of families with new or previously withdrawn students from our district. Beginning October 31, 2016, parents / guardians must schedule an appointment to register their child / children for school. Appointments can be scheduled during the week of October 24th for the week of October 31st. This new program will increase accuracy and efficiency of the registration process. 

    New resident students who are enrolling for the first time, or students who have previously been withdrawn and are re-enrolling should follow this procedure. Please contact Registrar, Cathy Pawlowski at 440.885-8796 to make an appointment. The District does not accept out of district open enrollment.
    Open Enrollment for Parma Residents begins November 15th!
    New Students 


    If your child is entering grades 1-12 for the 2016-2017 school year as a new student beginning November 15, 2016, please call to make an appointment. If you wish to have your student attend school in a building other than your attendance building, a special transfer form will need to be completed at the time of enrollment. Generally, approvals are made in March, 2017 and this does not guarantee an approval. However, spaces are first come, first serve and does depend on space/grade at the requested building.  
     Kindergarten Enrollment:
     Kindergarten enrollment begins at our annual Kindergarten Registration event. Please see our Kindergarten Registration tab for updated information on this event.  
    How to Enroll Students:
    • Only parents, legal custodians and/or legal guardians can register students in the district.
    • All documents required MUST be brought to the scheduled appointment.
    • All kindergarten students MUST have their 5th birthday on or before September 30 to enter kindergarten.


    You will need the following documents to register your child:
    • A COPY of the child's certified birth certificate. Birth letters are not accepted.
    • A COPY of the child's immunization records.
    • A Photo ID of the parent or guardian.
    • If not married at the time of birth, a marriage certificate must be provided.
    • In case of parental divorce, the parent with legal residential custody MUST bring a CERTIFIED COPY of the court order awarding legal custody of the child.
    • If a custody change is pending, the non-custodial parent must present a dated, time-stamped copy of the court filing showing the motion for change of custody. The non-custodial parent is then given 60 days to present a certified copy of the final decree.
    • If the student has been in a Special Education Program then a copy of the IEP is required.
    • If a student has been in a gifted Education Program then a copy of the WEP (Written Education Plan) or WAP (Written Acceleration Plan) is required.
    • Proof of Residency

    Proof of residency

    • If the parent owns a home, a current utility bill.
    • If parent rents in an apartment complex (more than six units,) a COPY of the lease and a current utility bill.
    • If parent rents a private home (up to six units) or lives with someone, an owner / tenant form must be obtained from the Student Services Dept. (you can also print it here via PDF) which must be filled out by the owner (who must provide the proof of ownership) and the parent must also verify their residency with a utility bill, pay stub, or bank statement in their name.
    For questions and additional information regarding registration for Kindergarten, please call the Student Services Department at: (440) 885-8796, (440) 885-8795, (440) 885-8794