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    Strong Schools, Strong Communities


    Parma, Parma Heights and Seven Hills residents expect an excellent education from their schools.

    • Parma schools are critically important to our communities – Parma, Parma Heights and Seven Hills.  Strong schools attract families and improve everyone’s home values.
    • Our schools have a long tradition of excellence, a source of great community pride.
    • Our students need to be prepared for the workforce or for college and the schools need the tools necessary to ensure that happens.  
      • By 2020, the US economy will grow from 140 million to 165 million jobs. 65% of all jobs will require some education beyond high school.


    Parma City Schools are strong stewards of our community’s investment and have done what it takes to ensure accuracy, accountability and transparency.

    • Our financial numbers and forecasts have been verified by an independent financial expert.
    • Our forecasts are based on industry best practices.
    • While collections are better-than-anticipated, it isn’t enough to restore slashed educational programs.
    • Our district is in the lowest 20% in the county for administrative expenditures per-pupil.


    Failed levy attempts forced deep cuts in educational programming. Our kids deserve great programs, not state minimums.

    • The district has not had new money since 2011.  In that time, we have lost $71 million in state funding to Charter School deductions.
    • We are in fiscal caution and cut over $23 million in the last 3 years.
    • We increased class size ratios to almost 30:1 and eliminated teachers dedicated to improving reading levels and graduation rates. This is less than ideal for our children.
    • Our district is in the lowest 25% in the county in per-pupil property taxes.


    Our district is at a crossroads; this issue will literally define our district’s future.  We will either improve opportunity and educational offerings for our kids, or we will lose more ground and face further cuts. 

    This issue will bring back learning labs and support classes, programs that kids need to stay on track. This issue will reduce elementary class sizes and provide more extra-curricular opportunities and home liaisons to connect families to school.

    Parma Schools already cut $8.6 million from its operating budget last year alone.  There hasn’t been new money since 2011 and we simply can’t keep cutting our way to better schools. It is up to all of us.

    The district’s new superintendent is committed to open and transparent leadership. He will also outline a comprehensive process for a community review of our buildings and to study consolidation and long-term options.  While the results won’t be known until next year, the district needs additional funds now so it can bring back important educational offerings that set Parma apart.  Our kids deserve it.

    Click here to view a detailed levy plan approved by the Parma City School District Board Of Education on August 6, 2018.