Issue 3 Information




    May 7, 2019

    Parma City School District is committed to providing the best education for every student in our three communities. 

    Funds generated from the renewal of Issue 3 will support important, high-quality educational opportunities and programs for students, help them to succeed. 

    PCSD has made much progress toward implementing the district's three goals:

    Practice Fiscal Responsibility

    • Reorganization plan reduces $920,000 in administrative personnel costs at Central Office, shifting funds to school-based resources
    • PCSD has cut $23 million from the operating budget over the last three years
    • Continuous oversight of finances from the Ohio Department of Education and assistance from Public Finance Resources, an independent outside organization


    Increase Student Achievement

    • Improvement in Gap Closing grade on the recent state report card from 'F' to 'B'
    • More students earning college credit through Advanced Placement and College Credit Plus courses
    • Four-year graduation rates increased for the second consecutive year
    • Career and Technical Education students continue to excel, with 97% of recent graduates employed, enrolled in college or enlisted with the military


    Improve Transparency In Our Communities

    • Regular Town Hall meetings and Facebook Live events at least once per month, better connecting residents with the schools
    • Master Planning for Strategic Consolidation meetings provide information and public input opportunities as the district develops future facilities plan