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    Welcome to Focus on the Future!
    Focus on the Future is initiative designed to create short and long term plans for the Parma City School District, while trying to involve as many as our stakeholders as possible. All Focus on the Future Action Team meetings will be open to the public to observe the process.

    The Focus on the Future Action Teams are:

    Starting January 18, 2017, the Focus on the Future Action Teams will begin meeting once a week. After four meetings, the Action Teams will then give their recommendations to the Board of Education in February. These recommendations will be short term goals the district can implement immediately while recognizing the district’s financial situation.

    The Action Teams will continue to meet, beginning in the spring of 2017. Action Teams will determine an approved schedule which will we will share on the website. It is the Superintendent’s hope that these Action Team continue to meet for at least five years, to provide more stable and consistent planning.

    We invite you to navigate our website to learn more about Focus on the Future.
    We welcome your comments and questions and look forward to seeing you at an upcoming meeting.

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