The PCSD Strategic Plan

  • At the January 6,2014 Board of Education Meeting, The Santa Rita Collaborative (SRC) presented their approach to the Strategic Planning Process, which the Parma City Schools began immediately after approval.


    Why should we work together on a Strategic Plan? The purpose of undertaking this initiative this year is to encourage community and staff ownership, create civil conversation, create a commitment to implementation, involve/engage many staff and community members, and develop and implement a comprehensive plan.

    The SRC model believes that:
    1) Education without planning disrespects our children; 2) Planning without community and staff engagement is futile; 3) Planning without a vision is an empty promise; 4) A vision in which the community cannot see its voice is no vision at all; and 5) Planning without an infrastructure will not promote sustained implementation.
    Their process includes:
    • Forming an ad hoc committee: "Lead Team" composed of 7-10 staff and community members who are well connected within the community and care deeply about it; identifies 25-30 staff and community members who represent the diverse voices of the community, and invites them to participate in the Management Team, facilitated by the Santa Rita Collaborative.
    • Conducting a series of focus groups by SRC.
    • Forming a "Management Team" which understand that they, collectively, can not represent the community's values; but that, collectively, they can learn what the community values.
    • Conducting a series of small group meetings by Management Team-- a sub-group of volunteers from the Management Team is trained to organize and conduct a series of key leader briefings and small group meetings/coffees throughout all corners of the community; Leaders of the small group meetings and key leader briefings convene to discuss and summarize the information gathered, and report on it to the entire Management Team.
    • Conducting a two-day retreat-Identify beliefs/values; Formulate a Mission Statement; Establish a Vision Statement; Identify external and internal forces; Review information gathered from the Focus Groups, coffees, data collection and other sources; Identify needs, Formulate goals.
    • Developing action plans and monitor the progress-Identify specific strategies designed to facilitate goal attainment, individuals responsible, resources needed, timelines, and the evaluation process.
    • Facilitating the State of the Schools community meeting to introduce a draft of the strategic plan and seek additional feedback


    It is our hope that this process ensures ample opportunity for our communities to provide input to the Parma City Schools on the course they'd like their schools to follow. We'll be sure to keep you informed every step of the way through this E-newsletter, as well as through our other communication tools The Monitor newsletter, the District web site, Facebook and Twitter, and print media partners.