Welcome to Thoreau Park Title I

  • Dear Parents/ Guardian(s),
    Thoreau Park Elementary is a Title 1 school. This means that our school receives
    federal allocations to aid instruction for all students. Title 1 schoolwide programs
    generally offer smaller class sizes, additional teachers and/or targeted materials to help
    support reading and/or math skills.
    At Thoreau Park, students receiving Title 1 support (K-2) will benefit from extra reading
    instruction in several essential components: phonological awareness, phonics and
    fluency. This support will be provided using research-based strategies and/or the
    evidence-based Reading Mastery Program. In addition to reading support, some
    students will receive math intervention in the areas of fact fluency, number identification
    and counting.
    If your child qualifies for Title 1 reading or math intervention, you will be notified by our
    Title 1 staff. We are committed to helping our Thoreau Park students grow academically.
    Thoreau Park is an “AWESOME” place to learn, and we look forward to sharing our
    Panther Pride - Welcome to the 2021-22 school year!
    Please visit our Title 1 Staff Directory page to access our contact information.
    To learn more about PCSD Title 1 program, click on the following link:
    Thoreau Park Title 1 Contact Information