Grade 3 Team

 Welcome to Third Grade! Our teachers are Mrs. Santora, Ms. Ryan, Mrs. Howard, Mrs. Alarcon and Mrs. Wells.
Grade 3 team

Third grade is such an exciting year full of so many awesome learning experiences. The Parma City School District’s mission statement is to empower students to achieve their dreams and that is exactly what our team has focused on this year.

In each third grade classroom, we are focused on the four C’s including critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity. All of our students have shown great growth in their ability to incorporate technology and work with others in small groups.
Language Arts:
• Reading and comprehending third grade text
• Understanding and mastering many skills: main idea, character traits, sequencing, comparing and contrasting, cause and effect, fact and opinion, making generalizations, and identifying problems and solutions
• Focusing on writing for different amounts of time, for different purposes, and for different audiences
• Mastery of multiplication and division facts
• Measuring area and perimeter
• Measurement and graphs
• Two step story problems
• Understanding fractions
Social Studies:
• Government
• Economics
• Renewable and non-renewable resources
• Types of energy
• Reducing, reusing, and recycling
• States of matter
• Life cycles of plants and animals
Mrs. Erin Howard
Twitter:  @coljohn203 
Mrs. Gillian Alarcon
Twitter:  @alarcon1stgrade

Mrs. Christine Santora
Ms. Kim Ryan
Twitter:  missryan105