Kindergarten Team

Welcome to Kindergarten!  Our teachers are Mrs. King, Mrs. Hoffman, Mrs. Kowalsky and Ms. Persons.
Grade k team  
In Kindergarten, students transition between informal learning at home to the more formal education of school. Students are immersed in the the Common Core curriculum for Literacy and Math, and the Ohio Standards for Social Studies and Science. They learn through many different models including small and whole group activities and lessons, learning stations, manipulative and hands-on experiences and technology that are included daily to meet many different learning styles of our young students.
Ohio’s Kindergarten Readiness Assessment is for all children enrolled in a public school.

Teachers use the assessment to measure your child’s knowledge and abilities in Social Foundations, Language and Literacy, Mathematics, and Physical Well-Being and Motor Development.

The assessment tool is not designed to rank children by ability, nor is it used for identifying gifted or challenged students. This tool is primarily to help your teacher get to know your child in a way that does not interrupt the child’s learning. Your child may not even be aware that the teacher is using this tool because most of the tool requires the teacher to watch the student during the natural course of the school day’s activities. 

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Ohio Learning Standards

Your child will be learning many things in Kindergarten.  To see a list of the Ohio Learning standards please click on the following links.

Language Arts -

Math -

Science -

Social Studies - 
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