Ridge-Brook Title I

  • Welcome! The Ridge-Brook Title I staff members are Mrs. Tollis, Mrs. Myers, and Mrs. Petkac. We will be working with small groups of students on reading skills during daily PIE time(Prevention, Intervention, Enrichment). This enables us to teach your child geared to his or her academic needs. Individualized groups will lead to improving self-esteem and classroom success.


    • Let your child see you reading at home
    • Make sure your child reads at least 10-15 minutes every day!
    • Read when you are driving in the car (billboards, signs)
    • Take your child to the library regularly
    • Read the TV guides, newspapers, magazines, and menus
    • Send text messages to grandparents or best friend
    • Make reading fun and exciting for your child
    • Give books as gifts

    Click here to learn more about PCSD's Title I program