Ridge-Brook Elementary - Mission Statement

Our Vision:

We empower students to find and use their voice as leaders.

Our Mission:

We develop student leaders by having all stakeholders ( parents, families, staff and community partners) work together to create an environment where all students feel safe, nurtured, empowered and eager to learn.

Collective Commitments:

  • We provide Leadership opportunities for all students
  • We provide a warm, inviting, family-like atmosphere
  • We provide a safe environment where students and staff feel free to take risks
  • We foster student led discussions
  • We provide praise and appreciation to encourage and highlight positive behaviors
  • We provide instruction that meets the needs of all students
  • We use data to drive our instruction
  • We provide an inclusive environment for all learners
  • We use technology to enhance our instruction
  • We establish clear expectations with comprehensive positive behavior intervention supports
  • We empower students to set academic and behavior goals and monitor their growth
  • We collaborate with peers to establish a culture of learning