Our Mission and Vision

  • Our First Step Preschool has been designed to enhance and enrich the development of each child with the recognition of each student as a unique individual, worthy of the opportunity to reach his or her potential.

    It is our belief that learning is developmental.  Therefore, children are provided with the opportunity to learn at their own pace with valuable “hands-on” experiences.

    It is further recognized that children learn through the opportunity to play.  Therefore, ample play experiences are provided to allow the child to develop decision-making skills utilizing a variety of centers of learning for each domain (language, cognition, social, adaptive and motor).  “Free-play” incorporates carefully analyzed and planned experiences with the ultimate goal of developing the child holistically, recognizing the child’s strengths and interests in allowing them the opportunity to feel successful while developing skills.           

    It is our belief that a child’s self-concept is critical to their development and encouragement of their efforts will be emphasized in an attempt to motivate their love of learning.

    Success is also contingent upon parental support since parents lay the foundation for a child’s growth and development.  Parental participation is encouraged and periodic progress reports/conferences are provided in efforts to bridge the gap between home and school.

    Through utilization of current research and the development of a positive home-school relationship, we will create a strong foundation, fundamental to the future educational success of each child.