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Accounts Payable Susan Whitmore 440-885-8750 whitmores@parmacityschools.org
Advertising in athletic programs Joe Raso 440-885-8318 rasoj@parmacityschools.org
Advertising on Byers Field Score Board Joe Raso 440-885-8318 rasoj@parmacityschools.org
Annuities Tracy Dinard 440-885-8773 dinardt@parmacityschools.org
Automated phone calls Amy Popik 440-885-8305 popika@parmacityschools.org
Before and After School Care Debra Janosik 440-885-8301 janosikd@parmacityschools.org
Board of Education Pam Bartkowski 440-885-2324 bartkowskip@parmacityschools.org
Building Permits Sue Gearhart 440-885-8753 gearharts@parmacityschools.org
Buildings and Grounds Alan Mackulin 440-885-2327 mackulina@parmacityschools.org
Bullying Safety Hotline Call or Text 844-723-3764 pcsdreportbullying@parmacityschools.org
Busing Corky Mollica 440-886-1866 mollicac@parmacityschools.org
Byers Field Joe Raso 440-885-8318 rasoj@parmacityschools.org
Career and Technical Education Kristen Plageman 440-885-8317 plagemank@parmacityschools.org
Community Bulletin Board PACT-TV 440-843-3780 thepact@parmacityschools.org
Community/Business/Schools Partnership Kristen Plageman 440-885-8317 plagemank@parmacityschools.org
Curriculum - Elementary Education Tiffany Stropko 440-885-8784 stropkot@parmacityschools.org
Curriculum - Secondary Education Tiffany Stropko 440-885-8784 stropkot@parmacityschools.org
Employee Health Benefits Sean Nuccio 440-885-2324 nuccios@parmacityschools.org
Employment Pat Hoy 440-885-2320 hoyc@parmacityschools.org
English Language Limited Megan McCaskey 440-885-8320 mccaskeym@parmacityschools.org
Extended Day Care Debra Janosik 440-885-8301 janosikd@parmacityschools.org
Federal Programs Kristen Plageman 440-885-8317 plagemank@parmacityschools.org
Fees Sean Nuccio 440-885-2324 nuccios@parmacityschools.org
Finances Sean Nuccio 440-885-2324 nuccios@parmacityschools.org
First Step Preschool Lara Svihlik 440-885-8665 svihlikl@parmacityschools.org
Flyer Distribution Amy Popik 440-885-8305 popika@parmacityschools.org
Free and Reduced Lunch Emily Gladish 440-885-2453 gormanr@parmacityschools.org
FSA/DCA Plan Information Tracy Dinard 440-885-8773 dinardt@parmacityschools.org
Gifted and Talented Education Tiffany Buchanan 440-885-2418 buchanant@parmacityschools.org
Grants Kristen Plageman 440-885-8317 plagemank@parmacityschools.org
Health insurance applications, plan booklets and insurance updates Sean Nuccio 440-885-2324 nuccios@parmacityschools.org
Home Access Center Milissa Manco 440-885-8769 homeaccesscenter@parmacityschools.org
Home Liaisons Kristen Plageman 440-885-8317 plagemank@parmacityschools.org
Home school questions Tiffany Stropko 440-885-8784 stropkot@parmacityschools.org
Homeless Services Kristen Plageman 440-885-8317 plagemank@parmacityschools.org
Insurance premiums and payments, COBRA and annuities Tracy Dinard 440-885-8773 dinardt@parmacityschools.org
Media Requests Amy Popik 440-885-8305 popika@parmacityschools.org
Nursing Christina Mueller 440-885-8643 muellerc@parmacityschools.org
Nutrition Services Robert Gorman 440-842-2162 gormanr@parmacityschools.org
Parma Area Community Television (PACT-TV) Gary Schuler 440-843-3780 thepact@parmacityschools.org
PASS Program Rashelle Porter 440-885-2413 porterra@parmacityschools.org
Payroll Sheri Bartko 440-885-8772 bartkos@parmacityschools.org
PCSD Mobile App Amy Popik 440-885-8305 popika@parmacityschools.org
Printing Dan Salloum 440-885-8675 salloumd@parmacityschools.org
Professional Learning Tiffany Stropko 440-885-8784 stropkot@parmacityschools.org
Public records requests Pam Bartkowski 440-885-2324 bartkowskip@parmacityschools.org
Records Your school's records department
Registration Jennifer Nance (440) 885-8334 nancej@parmacityschools.org
Requests for Proposals Kathy James 440-885-8338 jamesk@parmacityschools.org
Safety and Security Joe Ridgley 440-885-2496 ridgleyj@parmacityschools.org
School photos Your child's school
Senior Citizen Passes Pick up your pass at the gate or ticket booth at any game!
Special Education Megan McCaskey 440-885-8320 mccaskeym@parmacityschools.org
Sports physicals Athletic Office at your child's school
STEM Education Stephanie Boka 440-885-2480 bokas@parmacityschools.org
Student Teacher Placements Pat Hoy 440-885-2320 hoyc@parmacityschools.org
Summer School - Grades K-12 Tiffany Stropko 440-885-8784 stropkot@parmacityschools.org
Taxes Sean Nuccio 440-885-2324 nuccios@parmacityschools.org
Testing Deb Vanek 440-842-7951 vanekd@parmacityschools.org
Transcripts Your school's records department
Transportation Corky Mollica 440-886-1866 mollicac@parmacityschools.org
Volunteering Kristen Plageman 440-885-8317 plagemank@parmacityschools.org
Website Amy Popik 440-885-8305 popika@parmacityschools.org
Workers Compensation Melissa Evancho 440-885-4892 evanchom@parmacityschools.org
Yearbooks Yearbook advisor at your child's school