Normandy High School Distinguished Achievement Hall of Fame


    Spring 2010 Inductees


    Wes Gaab – First Principal of Normandy High School

     Distinguished Alumni

    Edward Esber

    Class of 1970

    Technology Entrepreneur

    Christopher Boyko

    Class of 1972

    Federal Court Judge

    Michael Doyle

    Class of 1972

    Law Enforcement

    Victor Boschini

    Class of 1974

    Higher Education

    Joe Patronite

    Class of 1975

    Creative Arts

    Candace Sady

    Class of 1992

    Attorney and Executive


    Jeff Boskovitch

    Class of 1999

    U.S. Marine & Veteran



    Fall 2010 Inductees

     Distinguished Alumni

    Michael Bierut

    Class of 1975

    Graphic Designer & Entrepreneur

    David Cangelosi

    Class of 1981

    Opera Singer & Performer

    Wesley Nagy

    Class of 1974

    Musician, Writer & Producer


    Connie Shirey

    Retired NHS Teacher & Volunteer


    Fall 2011 Inductees

     Distinguished Alumni

    Dr. Nicholas Ziats

    Class of 1971

    Higher Education
    Dr. Joseph and Cindi Ferrini

    Class of 1971

    Class of 1972

    Authors & Speakers


    Walter Schlemmer  

    Retired NHS Teacher



    1. Alumni of Normandy High School who have distinguished themselves by making a significant contribution in their careers, to the community, society, the nation and/or on a global scale.
    2. People who are not alumni, but who have made significant contributions to the community of Normandy High School.
    3. Nominees must have graduated at least ten years ago and are not currently employed by the Parma City Schools.