PBIS at Ridge-Brook Elementary

  • We would like to introduce you to the new behavior system that we will be using this year.

    The concept is similar to the color chart we have used, but this chart will be more visual for students and parents. Below is an example of the clip chart that will be hanging in our classrooms.

    Each student will start with his/her clothespin on “Sunny” each day. Throughout the day, students will be asked to move their clothespins up or down on the chart according to their behavior. If a student makes improved choices after moving their clip down, they will be given a chance to move their clip back up. Students who find themselves below the red line (rainy or stormy) may clip to “Rainbow” upon making better choices. Students will be asked to complete reflection sheets when on rainy or stormy, and a copy of this will be sent home.

    We look forward to a great year and thank you for all of your help this year!