Welcome to the Parma Senior High Discovery Center

  • Welcome to the Parma High Discovery Center, a 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant Program. This federally funded program is a free after-school program designed to serve 8th-12th-grade students of Parma Senior High School. Homework assistance and intervention in Math, Reading, and other core subjects are provided by certified teachers, Monday through Thursday when the program is in session. The program provides a safe environment for students to participate in enrichment activities in technology, the arts, character education, physical fitness, and many more areas of interest. 

    The objectives of the 21st CCLC Grant for Parma High emphasize Academic Intervention in Math and Reading, College and Career Exploration, Drop Out Preventions, Credit Recovery, Youth Development enrichment activities, and Parent Engagement. This is a phenomenal opportunity for your child, one that can open new areas of interests and career exploration for their future. 

    Parents and/ or Guardians are responsible for arranging a way home for their children each day. All students are dismissed by 5:30 pm. If your child needs to leave any earlier, you are asked to do so between activity periods which would be 3:45 pm. If your child is in school and unable to attend the program after school please call 440-885-8638. 

    For more information or any questions please call Sandra DiFranco at 440-885-8638 or difrancos@parmacityschools.org.


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