Title I at Ridge-Brook Elementary


    Welcome To Title I at Ridge-Brook!

    The Ridge-Brook Title I staff members are Mrs. Amato, Mrs. Blakley, Mrs. Myers, and Mrs. Tollis.

    Our Title I teachers work with students in small groups on reading skills during daily PIE time (Prevention, Intervention, Enrichment) and Extra Support times. PIE time consists of a 30-45 minute period where students are placed into small groups that are practicing skills at their instructional level. Title I is utilizing the Reading Mastery program with our K-2 students. This evidence-based program helps students
    master essential decoding and comprehension skills. Individualized groups will lead to student growth and success in the regular classroom.


    • Let your child see you reading at home
    • Make sure your child reads at least 10-15 minutes everyday!
    • Read when you are driving in the car (billboards, signs)
    • Take your child to the library regularly
    • Make reading fun and exciting for your child
    • Give books as gifts