Principal's Message

  • To the Community of Normandy School:

    Please be made aware of a social media app called StreetChat that is increasing in popularity with our students. StreetChat bills itself as a live, geography specific, photo board for schools and colleges. Users are able to anonymously post and comment on pictures of any types of material - appropriate and inappropriate.

    Students at local high schools, including NHS, are continuing to use this app for bullying/derogatory purposes. Our students have been victims of a range of continued harassment, including plagiarized photographic content and offensive slandering. It is our hope that by reaching out to parents and guardians, we can make you aware of the concerns StreetChat poses for our school community.

    We have made the Parma Police and the district's Safety and Security aware of this app as well.   With your assistance, we will continue to be diligent in addressing questionable content made available through this or any other social media outlet.

    Things you should know about StreetChat:

    • Users can post ANY pictures anonymously.
    • Posts are subject to anonymous comments made by other users

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