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    What is STEM Project-Based Learning?

    A process that promotes learning by working together to solve a real-life problem.

    It is important to note that not all learning is "hands-on," there are still some traditional teaching strategies used throughout the year, as not all Standards and concepts can be taught through Project-Based Learning. 

     STEM Learners are required to:

    • Share thoughts and ideas with others 
    • Work with a team to reach a common goal
      • Persevere to solve problems and not give up when challenged
      • Look at problems in a new way and think creatively
      • Demonstrate self-control and work independently
      • Take ownership of their own learning 

    STEM Parents are required to: 

    Have an active role in STEM learning by assisting in the completion of STEM family projects, attending capstones, attending community immersions, gathering materials, helping in the classroom, communicating with learners about their daily learning and having ongoing communication with coaches (teachers).

STEM Education

  • For more information about STEM Education in the at Pleasant Valley Elementary, please contact:

    Allison Kokely, Dean of Students 


    (440) 842-7993